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The Auction Advantage

Why an Auction?
Auctions are one of the oldest and reliable methods of getting property sold, including real estate. Competitive bidding can bring the highest price for a property on a given day. At Four Seasons Real Estate, we combine the traditional real estate brokerage marketing with the competition and excitement of an Auction. All properties are eligible for the Auction Advantage. You can list your property in the traditional manner and still choose the Auction Advantage. If you choose the Auction Advantage, in addition to the marketing exposure provided by exposure to thousands of REALTORS through multiple listing services and internet marketing, you will also get the added exposure provided by the National Association of Auctioneers, exciting auction sites and the network of auctioneers around the country.

Four Seasons Real Estate, will meet with all property owners and discuss the auction process to make sure there is a full understanding of how the bidding works and to establish a reserve if needed. A date will be set that will give ample time for marketing and inspection of the property. The traditional real estate marketing will continue up until the day before the auction and offers can still be submitted up until the day of the auction. Any offers made on the day of the auction will be considered opening bids.

The goal of the Four Seasons Auction Advantage is to attract as many qualified bidders as possible on the day of the Auction from aver available resource afforded by the combined resources of the REALTOR and Auction communities.

Let’s get started! If you have property that you are considering for an auction, please click on the “Join the Auction” tab at the top of the page. There is no obligation and you will have the opportunity to get all the details on the auction process and how it can benefit you on the sale of your property.

If you wish to participate in purchasing a property at one of our auctions, and want updated information on auction properties as they become available, please click the “Bidder Registration” above. Registering is free and your information will not be shared.